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Taidegalleria Lakeus

Group exhibition: Yhteys

in Ylihärmä 5th July - 31st Aug 2023

What is it like when the connection remains, disappears or is found again? What kind of surprisingly big or small connections can you find in life? What good or bad a connection can contain?

In the curated exhibition Yhteys (”connection”), this theme is interpreted with different visual artistic styles by 11 artists: Anna K Greus, Matilda Hööpakka, Maria Björklund, Emilia Lehikoinen, Timo Ahjotuli, Severine Cuenod, Aila Ahmakallio, Kirsi Julku, Reijo Haukia, Hanne Kontiola and Maria Leskinen.

Taidegalleria Lakeus & Taidepuoti

Kankaantie 370

Ylihärmä, Kauhava


Gallery’s charming little Art Shop has a versalite selection of hand-made jewelry, illustrated books, prints, postcards and other goods from the artists: Anna K Greus, Lotta Strandman, Severine Cuenod, Rauni Koivisto, Johanna Partanen, Pirkko Hakomäki, Maria Björklund, Kristiina Mäkimattila, Eeva Huotari and Maria Leskinen.


Kankaantie 370, Ylihärmä (Kauhava), Finland 

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Taidegalleria Lakeus

Lakeuden Aviisi, 12th July 2023. Issue 28/2023, page 9.

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