Anna K Greus 

Experimental dreamer.

Half digital, half analog. 

Born in winter night under New Moon, she seeks light in darkness and looks up for stars of the cosmos, thinking about the mystery of existence. In her dreams she sleepwalks in never-ending nightmares; but for her photographs she wants to create beautiful dreams, portraying enigmas of the world via plants and nature. 

She’s a dream gardener, unitarhuri.

Awarder Finnish photo artist living in Helsinki, Finland. 

Crafting images with digital camera + analog techniques, photoshop-free.

Open for exhibitions, experimental projects, collaborations and stuff. 

E-MAIL: info [a]

INSTAGRAM: @unitarhuri

Got something on your mind? Beam me up!

Exhibitions, collaborations and other inquiries ⚡Send me a telepathic message! Written messages are nice, too.  

Näyttely- ja teostiedustelut, yhteistyökuviot ja muut ideat – jotain mielessä? Odotan sun telepaattista yhteydenottoa, mut kirjoitetut viestit on yhtä kivoja. 

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