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an imagery based on actual dreams

{kuvia todellisista unista}

Mirrors as Geomystical dream Portals

Every now and then in my dreams I find these strange mirrors, that are secret entries to other rooms and dimensions. It’s exciting—yet frightening—to step inside a mirror as I can’t be sure, whether there will be solid ground under my feet... Or whether I will fall like I was Alice on her way to Wonderland. Sometimes these mirror portals are closed; I can see through the reflection what’s inside, but the mirror won’t let me in. (Mayhaps some of them want to keep their secrets by themselves.) 

During the winter 2019 I started to have ideas about photographs, that portrayed these portals of my dreams. My mind’s eye gazed those mystic mirrors and got my soul curious. When the summer started to bloom, I began to test and try how to print these images out of my head. For my pictures I seek the mirrors to reflect themselves as (something like) hidden gateways, visible-invisible passages, transforming arcane entries... Wormholes through the layers of space and time, from planet to planet, from my dream to someone else’s dream. Surreal, so real and unreal. 

Similiar to my erstwhile projects, Dream Garden (Unitarha) and Cosmic Radiance (Kosmista valoa), the tools I’m using are a digital camera combined with analog equipment and in-camera techniques. It means there’s no computer-made photo manipulation—besides common adjustments e.g. colours and contrasts etcetera. Fascinated by a mathematic way to view the world, I’ve chosen to use geometrically shaped mirrors: triangle, square, hexagon plus a circle. I am also testing out a mandalaish mirror for its ”sacred geometry” -like appearance. 

For a triangular mirror turned out to be impossible to find, it needed to be made by cutting a corner of another mirror. 

The mandalaish mirror.

Borrow me Your Dreams

Think about a dream that has made an impact on you. I’m sure you recall at least one. May its nature  be something beautiful, or bizarre, phantasmal, weird, comical, distressing, hopeful etc. Maybe you had a dream, that you had a dream. Or woke inside a dream. Some people frequently even visit places that exist on their dreamworlds, but not on real life! Isn’t that just intriguing. 


As a part of the mirror project, fascinated by the idea of images that are based on actual dreams, I decided to broaden this project. Therefore: 

I’m gathering stories about people’s dream experiences and turning them into images on my own photoartistic style.


So... Would you like to share your dream for me for inspiration? Message me! I would like to hear about a dream that has made an impact on you. (Your dream can be just about anything.)

Dreaming Tellus.

Test Pictures + Documentary Shots from my Mirror Dream project

underwater mirror tests

{ to be continued }

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