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”What are these? Stardust?” – Audience feedback

Kaarisilta Biennale 2021 Goes Green

2.7.–1.8.2021 Erstan kartano, Villähde

Kaarisilta Biennale 2021.jpeg

”Such a calming impact. I’d love to watch these on my bedroom before falling to sleep.” – Audience feedback

International art event Kaarisilta Biennale was organized in the summer of 2021 for the 5th time. Theme of the exhibition was focused on reflecting the relationship with nature and the environment, both built and natural; the city of Lahti – which Villähde is part of – was chosen as the European Environmental Capital of 2021.

Drawings, sculptures, installations, paintings, photographic works etc. of 109 artists / artist groups from different parts of the world were selected through open call, curated by photographic artist Ilkka Halso. The event was arranged by Kaarisilta ry and held in the milieu of Ersta’s Manor.

In collaboration, Timo Remes (Oulunsalo, FIN) and I created 3 photo / programmed LED-light installations to participate the event. Works are part of our Light-Emitting Dreams series, funded by Finnfoto.

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