Kaleidoscopes from childhood.

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Experimental Dreamer

Half digital / half analog.

I wanted to be an inventor. When I was a kid, I amazed by a kaleidoscope, that was built to endlessly create unique geometric visions inside a little tube. I was also fond of dreams—visions, that are lost when we wake up. Vibrant, surreal sceneries of my dreamworlds made me wish there was a machine, that could record dreams. The idea never left me alone: at the age of 28, I followed the urge to find a way to print dream visions out—into photographs. My inner dr. emmett brown (’Doc’ from the movie Back to the Future) started to research and craft in-camera techniques, that have no connection to computer-made photomanipulation. My camera is digital, but my techniques remain analog. 

Photo Mystic

The mystery of existence speaks to me. ”You’re a scientist and a dreamer”, said Way, a spiritualist and a Thai electro musician. I like science. I like things yet unexplainable, too. My history has colours in tones of ufo research, parapsychology, high school stipend in religious subjects, tarot cards, 

Cheers from Helsinki, Finland.

do you wish to have a portrait of a certain plant, flower or a tree? 


(besides dreams)

the unknown & the unexplained, space, science, spirituality, mystics, mythology, emotions and psyche, strange natural phenomena, plants & flowering trees, old time magic shows & illusions, failed photos, rainbows and things iridescent. 

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instagram: @unitarhuri

Finnish photo artist living in Helsinki, Finland. 

Candidate member of the Finnish Association of Photographic Artists.


Crafting images with digital camera + analog techniques, photoshop-free.

Open for exhibitions, experimental projects, collaborations and stuff. 


Something on your Mind? ( Contact. )

Exhibitions, collaborations, prints, postcards and other inquiries ⚡Send me a telepathic message! Written messages are nice, too.  

Uniikin ilmaisutyylini olen kehittänyt vuosien mittaan pitkäjänteisen tekniikoiden etsimisen ja vaativien kokeilujen myötä. Kuvani syntyvät kuvaustilanteessa, eikä efektejä ole tuotettu tietokoneella.


Signeerattuja, ripustusvalmiita univalokuvateoksiani sekä taidepostikortteja voit ostaa näyttelyistä ja suoraan multa. On aina ilo saada näyttelykutsuja, ja oon kiinnostunut kuulemaan yhteistyöideoista.  


Lähetä mulle sähkökirje ja kerro, mitä mielessä! 

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